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Today’s Fortune: You will soon be the center of attention.

Boy, Confucious was sure right about that! Last Saturday, me and Mom went down to Norman, Oklahoma to meet my Auntie Tracy. Auntie Tracy lives in Tulsa, and she drove down so she and Mom could celebrate their belated birthdays together. Where did they decide to meet? A yarn store, of course.

Like Mom, Auntie Tracy loves to knit.  Mom told Auntie Tracy that she wanted to visit L & B Yarn Co., because she had only been there once, and Dad was waiting in the car so she didn’t get to do any good shopping.

We got there before Auntie Tracy, and I scoped the place out. It had lots of yarn, so I knew we were in for a long shopping day.

Auntie Tracy arrived pretty soon after we did. I was very happy to see that she had brought Bean, the monkey that Auntie Pam made for her. And we brought Lollipop for a birthday gift for Auntie Tracy. Mom knitted Lollipop a month or two ago, but we have had to keep her a secret until now, because Auntie Tracy reads my blog. I was sure glad Lollipop and Bean were there, because having to be at a yarn store all by myself while Mom shops is very boring.

Mom and Auntie Tracy were distracted with all the yarn, and were busy talking and talking, because they had not seen each other in a long time, so we decided to check out the place. There was some long fringe-y yarn that looked pretty cool, so we climbed up to get a better look. They even had a comfy shelf full of yarn for us to sit on.

We got bored with that after a while and we went to find Auntie Tracy and Mom.  We figured out that they were in the classroom, where there was a whole wall full of yarn that was on sale for 70% off. Mom was so busy making big piles of yarn to buy that she didn’t even notice when we climbed up on the swift to take a ride.

Our ride did not turn out so good. Me and Lollipop were very dizzy, and poor old Bean fell off.

I was really relieved when Mom and Auntie Tracy decided it was time to go. They had been there for three hours!!! Mom wound up with three great big bags full of yarn.  The people at the yarn store were very nice, and invited us to come back any time.  Mom promised that we would.  I was sure glad we were finally done.

Mom apparently took that invitation seriously, because three days later, she loaded me and Puglet up and took us back to the store for something called “Knit Night.”  It turns out that every other Tuesday, a whole bunch of knitters get together at the shop to knit.  I was not happy to hear that this was going to turn into a regular thing.

But then the store owners came over and started talking to me and Mom.  Their names are Leslie and Amberly  They were just as nice as the people who had waited on us a few days earlier.  And there were lots of knitters there working on projects and visiting with each other.  They made us feel right at home, and Mom was so happy to be there that I decided the yarn store was not so bad.  Even Puglet made a new friend.

Amberly and Leslie were very happy to see me.  They had heard that we were in the shop on Saturday, and they were very glad that we came back to visit.  Apparently, they don’t get a lot of sock monkeys in their shop.  Which is sad for the shop, but not so bad for the monkeys.

I have to admit, this is one of the best yarn stores I have ever been in, and if you read my blog, you know that Mom has dragged me to yarn stores all over the country.  They even said I could be the Official Spokesmonkey for L & B Yarn Co.!!  I am not sure what my duties as Official Spokesmonkey will be, but I have wanted a sponsor ever since the Krispy Kreme incident.

I decided to test out being an Official Spokesmonkey by telling everyone about the great project bags they have at L & B Yarn Co. They are called “Lisa’s Project Bags”, and they are made by Amberly and Leslie’s Mom. We think these bags are awesome, and the fabrics are very cool. We have never seen the Happy Skulls with Bows fabric before. We highly approve!!

I’m really glad to be an Official Spokesmonkey. My new status afforded me the privilege of hanging out behind the counter with the yarn Mom was buying. (Yes. She bought more. She cannot resist a Sale Wall.)

We had a very good time at Knit Night, and Mom says this will be a regular activity for us. Being an Official Spokesmonkey will make this activity a lot more fun. I can’t wait to see what I get to tell about next time!

Mom says I should give everyone my Official Spokesmonkey recommendation, so here goes! If you are a knitter in the OKC Metro area, head on down to L & B Yarn Co.! You will have a great time, make new friends, and find lots and lots of yarn!

I think it is also time for one of my famous Consumer Reviews!  L & B Yarn Co. gets the highest 5 Banana Moon Pies award for awesome yarns and excellent service!  Plus a bonus high five for letting us ride the swift, a bonus bag of Cheetos for having a huge sale wall, and a bonus squishy pirate for making me an Official Spokesmonkey!!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Knit Night

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