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Today’s Fortune: You are always missed in your absence.

I’ll bet Confucious is right about that. I’ll bet a whole bunch of people have been missing me, because I have not been able to blog for four whole days!! Mom has been working a lot, and she has not had time to let me use her computer. I hope my blog friends still remember me!

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged! We have a new Traveling Sock Monkey at our house!! Her name is Miss Mary Mwnci. You do not pronounce her last name as “muh-win-see”, though. It is pronounced “muhn-kee”. Miss Mary is from a place called “Wales”, which is in the United Kingdom. She came clear across an ocean to stay at our house. She is very tiny, and she is all pink and white. She looks like ice cream. We cannot read her passport – it is written in a language called “Welsh.” It’s a good thing she speaks English, because we do not speak Welsh.

I introduced her to a bunch of the monkeys here. So far, she has met Bullseye, Calvin Klein, and Jack and Diane. I will introduce her to the geezers later. I don’t want to scare her away.  She seems very quiet and shy.

Last night, Mom and Dad took us to Hideaway Pizza for dinner. We got to look at the menu, and I let Miss Mary choose. Miss Mary said she had never had fried mushrooms before. They were crispy on the outside, hot and tender on the inside, and came with a red sauce and ranch dressing for dipping. Yummy!

Uncle Phil and Aunt Karon came to dinner with us again. We got Miss Mary’s picture with Uncle Phil. She is the second Traveling Sock Monkey to get her picture with Uncle Phil, and I have decided that we will do that with all of the visiting monkeys, because Uncle Phil is the best monkey’s uncle ever! Uncle Phil travels a lot with his work, and Mom is going to make him his very own sock monkey to take on trips.

He even got shy little Miss Mary to wave for the camera!

We could not eat everything, which was good, because that means we got to have a To-Go box. Hideaway’s To-Go boxes are the best ever, because they have a Shmoo on them, and I love Shmoo!

We were just about to leave, when a whole group of very interesting people came in! They had all kinds of amazing outfits on. There was a Minnie Mouse, and there was a real live Indian Chief! Me and Miss Mary went over to get our pictures taken with them. We could not pass up that opportunity!

Miss Mary got to have her picture taken with the Chief, himself! That was a big event! Even though this is Oklahoma, you don’t run into an Indian Chief every day. Especially not at Hideaway Pizza.

We wondered what kind of tribal ritual they were on their way to, and they said they were on their way to a “Spring Dance.” I wonder if that’s anything like a Rain Dance. If so, I hope the Chief remembers to put his cool phone somewhere that it won’t get wet.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Wales, Spring Dance

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