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Today’s Fortune: Others are noticing your great beauty.

I think Confucious meant this fortune for Dharma, because everyone can see how beautiful she is. People notice her everywhere we go!

My Mom has been busy sewing stuff for Dharma, so she will be well dressed for the rest of her TSM adventures. Mom has made several things in addition to our karate suits and jammies.

When Dharma first got here, we went to Joann’s to get fabric to make our clothes. Mom let us choose whatever we wanted. Dharma wanted a thing called a “kimono”. It is like a fancy bathrobe, and it is made out of some stuff called “brocade”. It is cranberry, which is Dharma’s favorite color, with some pretty pink embroidered flowers on it. It is shiny, and soft to touch, too. Mom put some pink fabric called “satin” on the inside, and made a long sash for the kimono. The sash is called an “obi”.   Dharma looks like a princess in it.

Mom had some fabric left from making Cissy Longstocking’s outfit, so she made Dharma a cute little flippy skirt to wear with her sweater.   She looks like a college girl in this outfit.

While we were at the fabric store, Dharma also picked out some very good fabric that was bright yellow, with ladybugs all over it.  This is my favorite dress of all.  It is a sundress, and she looks very pretty and springtimey in it.

Mom also made us both jeans to wear with our sweaters.  I like the idea that even though Dharma will not be here soon, that we have matching outfits, and that somewhere she might be wearing the same outfit that I am.

Dharma is the most beautiful monkey I have ever seen.  I am so happy that she is my girlfriend!   I am very lucky to have her.

My Mom did a good job on our clothes.  I’m lucky to have her, too.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: kimono, brocade, satin, obi

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