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Today’s Fortune: If your desires are not extravagant, they will be granted.

I love it when Confucious gives me good news! I had to look up “extravagant”. It means “exceeding the bounds of reason, as actions, demands, opinions, or passions.” I think pretty much everything I want is within reason, except maybe the big John Deere tractor, so it sounds like I am going to have my desires granted!

My desires were definitely granted last week. Mom bought me a whole package of farm animals! They are plastic, and they are very, very good.

I got pigs, and chickens, and horses, and sheep, and goats, and best of all, cows!!  I put the cows in the back of my John Deere dump truck and took them for a ride.  They really seemed to like it.   I did not dump them when the ride was over.  That would not have been nice.

As soon as they saw my farm animals, Bookmonkey and Peppermint wanted to play, too.  We spread out all of the animals to see how big our farm was.

We decided that Bookmonkey would be a shepherd and look after all of the animals, and that Peppermint would take care of plowing and harvesting the crops.  That is because Bookmonkey does not know how to drive the John Deere tractor.  Peppermint does a very good job on tractor duty.  He did not even run over any chickens.

As it turns out, Bookmonkey is a terrible shepherd.   He let those animals walk all over him.

My job is to be the boss.  Running a good farm operation is not as easy as it seems.  I am definitely going to have to find another job for Bookmonkey.  I think he might make a good scarecrow.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Extravagant

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