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Today’s Fortune: Someone special is thinking of you.

I wonder who Confucious is talking about? I hope it is my dear Dharma! I sure think of her every day. I know a lot of my friends think of me often, too, so it might be one of them. I wish Confucious would be a little less mysterious when he writes my fortunes.

I have a lot of catching up to do. I am hoping things will start to get back to normal, and I will get to blog a lot this week, because so many things have happened to me in the past few weeks! Mom says I should give everybody who has sent me such nice presents recently a “belated thank you.” Belated means better late than never.

Week before last, I got two really great presents. The first one came from our friend Dawn and her two boys, Niklas and Mattias. I want to wish them “Happy Belated Birthdays!!!”  because Niklas just turned seven and Mattias is now five. They sent me a cool postcard, a monkey bookmark that I can use when I read all my new books, a zipper pouch that has sock monkeys all over it, and some pirate fabric!!! Mom says she will make me a pirate shirt the next time she sews. I hope that will be soon!  They also sent me some Swedish Fish, but I ate them before we could take the picture.

I also got a really good package from our friend Annie.  It had sock monkey buttons in it!  Mom says these are called “lapel pins”.  I have been wearing them on my shirts.  Today is Annie’s birthday, so I can say “Happy Birthday, Annie!” and I can leave off the “belated” because I’m not.

Last week, I got a package from my friends Beth and Tron.  Tron sent me a pez for my collection.  It is from the show “Cars.”  He also sent me an awesome John Deere keychain.  Now I have to see if Mom will give me some keys.

And then, on Thursday, we got a package from our friend, Tracy.  She sent all kinds of good stuff!  There was soft, squishy yarn for Mom, a glow-in-the-water Peeps for our grandbaby, Lily, and a Chicken Little pez and some sparkaly monkey stickers for me!!!

We were not sure why Tracy mailed the package, because we were already planning to go see her this weekend.  She lives in Tulsa.  Me and Mom got to spend the whole day with her yesterday, and we had tons of fun!   I will have to blog about that tomorrow, though, because says we have stuff to do.

It will have to be belated, I guess.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Belated

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