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Today’s Fortune: Others enjoy your company.

I am sure glad to hear Confucious say that, because it seems that Aaron does not want to have his picture taken with me.  At least I got the Wild West picture of us.  I am hoping he will come around.

I am very glad to get back to my blog.  I did not have a chance to blog while I was in Omaha, because I was too tired at the end of each day.  My big brother Shawn did not mind having his picture taken with me, so I will be showing pictures of us doing Omaha stuff once I finish telling about all the cool stuff I did before I went to Omaha.  When I blogged last, I was telling about the Oklahoma History museum, so I’ll just pick up where I left off.  That way, nobody will miss out on anything…

As we went on through the museum, we found lots of other interesting stuff. We got to see a kitchen that was completely pink. Sassy Le Pouf! would have loved it. Mom says that is what kitchens looked like in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. We have a few geezer monkeys at our house that are that old, but that is even older than Mom. I hope pink kitchens make a comeback, because pink appliances make housework more fun.  Even the washer and dryer were pink.  I think Mom would love doing the laundry in a pink washing machine.

Me and Puglet got to sit in an old barber’s chair.  We noticed that barber’s chairs have not really changed too much since the old days.   I guess they have worked the same for lots of years, and if it works, you probably shouldn’t change it.

We also got to see what a voting machine used to look like.  I don’t know what they look like now, but I think they are probably a lot different than this.    Or maybe not.  There still seems to be an awful lot of fuss when elections are going on.  Could be that they are still using these old-timey machines.

I also got to stand next to an astronaut’s uniform.  I would really like to be an astronaut someday, but I am going to have to grow quite a bit if I am going to fit into one of those suits.

There was a really neat old tractor there, too.  I don’t think it was a John Deere tractor, though, because it was the wrong color.

We got to see lots of stuff about the Oil Business.  That is because the Oil Business is a big part of Oklahoma’s history.  My Dad used to work in the Oil Business, so he knew what most of the stuff was.  This picture is a “geological formation”.  It shows all the layers of rocks that you have to drill down through to find oil.

And this thing is called a “pump jack.”  They go up and down like a seesaw, and pump the oil out of the ground.

This one was my favorite.  It is called a “Christmas Tree”, but it is not like a regular Christmas tree.  It has lots of pipes and valves.  I liked it a lot though.  I climbed up on it and pretended I was an ornament.

The Oil Business looks like it would be very interesting, but Mom says I wouldn’t like it much.  She says it’s pretty grimy work, and I found out recently that I hate to take baths.  I do like to have spending money for pezzes, though, and Oil Business people make lots of money.  They are called “tycoons”.  It might be worth a bath or two to be a tycoon.

There was lots more that we saw, but I will save it for later.  I’m going to go watch TV with Puglet.  He missed me a lot while I was gone.  I missed him, too.  It’s fun to travel, but it sure makes you appreciate coming home.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Geological formation, pump jack, christmas tree

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