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Today’s Fortune: The gift is not as precious as the thought.

Those are very wise words from Confucious. Today is my Mom’s birthday, and I even though I did not get her a gift, I sure thought about it a lot, so I’m glad to know that counts!!!  Mom is 35 again this year.  I decided that the best gift I could give her is helping her enjoy the day! Me and Puglet helped her take good pictures of all of her birthday presents.

We have been celebrating Mom’s birthday for five days, now. That’s when the presents started coming from the postman. The first package we got was from 2muchfun. She is my Auntie Pam. She sent Mom a really neat crocheted bag for her knitting. It has a hole on each side, so you can pull yarn out from both directions, and knit two socks at one time. She also sent a skein of yarn in very cool green and black colors. It is Princess Bride yarn from the Sock Yarn Cinema series, and the color is called “The Man in Black.” I love The Princess Bride, so I am hoping Mom will make me something nice out of it.  Auntie Pam also sent some funny monkey sticky notes, some stickers with the letter K on them, and some wonderful monkey toe socks!  There were some chocolate candies called, “truffles”, and she even sent me some John Deere Tractor napkins!   Auntie Pam is the best!

Two packages came on Friday!  The first one was from our friend JollyPyrate.  Her real name is Naomi, but I like her Ravelry name best because I love pirates!  Especially the jolly kind.  She sent Mom a knitting bag with sheep and socks on it, and two big glasses called “pints.”  One says “ripped” and the other says “frogged.”  Mom says that is a knitting thing.  Naomi also sent a bunch of really good pins with sheep and llamas and bunnies and goats on them.  I decided that those were for me, so I put them on my bowling shirt.  Naomi must have known how good they would look on me!

The next package was from our friend Galeu, whose real name is Gale.  Gale sent a wonderful soft red thing called a “cowl.”  It is to keep your neck warm in the winter.  Mom said I could not have it.  I am hoping she will change her mind, because I look really good in it,  and it is very warm.  Gale also sent some Wildfoote sock yarn, and some sparkaly soft yarn made of silk and kid mohair with silvery glitter.  Puglet really likes that one.  Maybe Mom will make him a pug sweater out of it.  Gale also sent a funny card, a book called “Sock Innovation” that Mom has been wanting for a while, and some funny napkins.  We love it all!

On Saturday, we went to Tulsa to see our good friend, knitterok.  She is my Auntie Tracy.  She made Mom the most awesome soft stripey socks ever!  Mom said I could not have those either, which is too bad, because I was hoping I could grow into them.  Auntie Tracy also gave Mom some cashmere yarn and some squishy soft sock yarn in her favorite colors.  But the best part was a big box of John Deer Tractor gummy snacks for me!!  We love you Auntie Tracy!!

After we spent the day with Auntie Tracy, Dad took Mom to a place called Copeland’s of New Orleans. Mom got a piece of cheesecake with three kinds of caramel sauce and a mountain of whipped cream. It was amazing!

Last night we went to dinner with my Uncle Phil and Aunt Karon.  They brought Mom the best gift ever!  It is a sock monkey hat!  I am hoping Mom will make one for me.  I have never seen such a good hat.

When Dad got home from work today, he brought Mom a bouquet of a dozen roses!  They are a very pretty orange color, which is Mom’s favorite color, and they smell very good.  She put them in a pottery vase she made a couple of years ago.  She was glad to finally use the vase for something besides holding knitting needles.

Dad got me a surprise, too!  It is a package of Magic Grow Capsules that turn into sea animals when you put them in water!  I can’t wait to try them out.  I wonder what kind of sea animals I will have?  I hope there’s not a whale, because we don’t have room for one of those.  Dad also got Mom a birthday card that has a guy named Mister Rogers on it.  Mom said we could share the card, too!  I love birthdays!!

All day long, Mom has been getting birthday messages and phone calls from her Ravelry friends, and my brother and his wife and  my grandma and grandpa.  I can’t believe we have so many good friends and wonderful family.  We are very lucky, and we love them all!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Truffles, pints, cowl.

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