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Today’s Fortune: A project you have in mind will soon gain momentum.

Wow! Confucious was sure right about that one! Today is Halloween, and Mom had to get up very early this morning to make us some Halloween costumes, because she “procrastinated”. That means she got busy doing other stuff, and put our costumes off until the last minute.

Even though they were done on short notice, I think they turned out very good!  I am spending Halloween as a Ninja Vampire!  Mom made my cape out of polar fleece, and lined it with some red cotton.  She also made me a “custom orthodontic appliance.”  I call them my sticky teeth.  They are made from a sticky label.  You can make very scary fangs out of a sticky label.

I love my costume!  I have been wearing it all day.

Puglet is not as happy with his costume.  He wanted to be a scary mummy, but when we wrapped him up in the bandages, you really couldn’t even tell he was wearing a costume.  That is because he is bandage-colored.  Mom had to “improvise” a new costume.  That means she had to start over from scratch, and Puglet had to spend Halloween dressed as a candy corn.  He has been telling Mom all day that candy corn is not remotely scary.

We have done all kinds of fun things today in our costumes.  We went to Buchanan’s flea market this morning, and Mom bought more stuff than we could carry.  We also went to a place called “Cracker Barrel” for lunch, and we found some good sock monkey stuff there.  I will have to tell about it later, though, because it is almost time for trick-or-treaters!!

Mom says I get to hand out the candy to all the kids that come to the door.  We have Butterfingers, Twizzlers, Kit-Kats, Sweet-Tarts, and lots of Tootsie Roll stuff.  Me and Puglet have been practicing looking scary by the front door.  Puglet is not doing such a good job with that candy corn suit, though.

Mom says I can’t have too much of the candy.  She says it will rot my sticky teeth.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Procrastinated, custom orthodontic appliance, improvised

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