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Today’s Fortune: Many a false step is made by standing still.

I’m not sure what Confucious means by that, but I know that many a frozen monkey is made by standing still. When it is icy and snowy outside, it is important to keep moving.

It has been pretty boring at our house for the last couple of days. That is because we were busy having an ice storm. Followed by a sleet storm. Followed by a snow storm. Mom would not let me go outside to play, because it was really slick and messy. She took this picture from the front porch last night while it was still snowing.

We did not get nearly as much snow as we did at Christmas. There was not enough to make a snow fort this time. But I was able to make another snow angel. This one turned out much better than the first one. That is because I have had practice.

There was so much ice and snow that it made the branches on the pine tree in front of our house nearly touch the ground. This made it very easy for me and Puglet to do tree climbing.

Mom’s Suburban is covered with ice, and even has icicles all over it. Mom does not drive in snow or ice, and we have quite a bit of both. Which means it will probably be a few days before I will get to go to Big Truck Tacos, unless Dad drives us there.

I figured out that our backyard looks like a winter wonderland when it snows! My favorite climbing tree looked awesome. I did not climb it, though, because I was afraid I would get dirty, and Mom would make me take another Woolite bath.

Even the icky dead ferns and stuff look kind of nice with snow all over them. They look pretty bad when there’s no snow in the backyard.

I went over to the back corner to check on our pond. We bought a new pond heater before the last ice storm, and it seems to be working really well, because there was no ice at all on the pond. Not even on the edges. I could not see any of our fish, though. I guess they are all hanging out on the bottom of the pond. Me and Puglet and Guy are going to go fishing the next time it gets warm, but we will not catch these fish.  They are just goldfish, and are not good to eat.   Plus, they look nice in our pond and are too cute to catch.

Guy came outside for a while. He checked out the snow, but he didn’t seem to be very happy about being out there.

He went back inside the house after just a few minutes. He said the snow was making his tail cold. That is because Mom still has not gotten around to making him any pants.

Some of our trees did not have snow. They just had ice. Sometimes, when there is too much ice, the trees will break off and get really ugly. We didn’t get too much ice this time, though. It was just the right amount to make the trees look pretty.

Me and Puglet stayed outside until Mom made us come in. Mom said we need to be inside where it is toasty.  She says if we stay outside too long, we will get sick, and that would be no fun at all. Mom is taking advantage of the fact that we are snowed in and can’t go anywhere.  She is knitting on some sweaters and she is wearing her sock monkey house shoes.

I wish I had some of those, but she says they don’t come in my size. I think she should knit me some. I think my toes would thaw out much faster if I had them.

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