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Today’s Fortune: You will witness an important ceremony.

Boy, Confucious sure got that right!! Not only did I get to witness the ceremony, I got to “officiate.” I was the “Master of Ceremonies” for our creature contest awards!! That means I got to give out the prizes, and wear my top hat.

The winner of our creature contest was Guy, with his very cool creature, Mr. Bojangles!!!   He got 26% of the votes, which was pretty good.

Dharma’s Rocky came in second with 19%, and Puglet, Walter and Flipper took third place with Plastic Fantastic at 15%.

We had the awards ceremony this morning.  I presented Guy with a fancy trophy filled with Tootsie Pops and Sweet-Tarts.  And Dharma crowned him with the crown that we made for the contest winner.  It was a perfect fit!

Everybody gathered around to congratulate him, and to cheer his victory!

We are very proud of Guy!  He is pretty proud of himself, too, even though he’s too cool to show it.  He is a champion!  It says so on his trophy.

Mom said the crown on his hat makes him look kind of like “Jughead”.  I don’t know who Jughead is, but he must be a pretty cool dude.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Officiate, Master of Ceremonies, Jughead

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