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Today’s Fortune: He who throws dirt is losing ground.

Confucious does not know what he’s talking about with this fortune. At my house, he who throws dirt is probably getting in trouble, and definitely getting a Woolite bath.

Last Sunday was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day! Me and Mom and Dad decided to go out and take a lot of pictures to celebrate!  We started out at our local park, which has a very nice fountain in the middle of the lake. Dad took lots of interesting pictures with the Frankenstein Polaroid Pinhole Camera he built, and Mom took lots of pictures of me and Puglet with the camera she always uses. Mom says I am very “photogenic.” That means I look good in the pictures she takes.

The park was fun, and we had a good time.  Dad set up his Frankenstein Polaroid on a tripod, so he could get good pictures of stuff.  Dad says that a pinhole camera can be made out of almost anything.  He says sometimes people even make them out of oatmeal boxes!  We will have to try that sometime.  Dad’s was made out of an old Polaroid slide printer that didn’t work anymore.

When you are taking pictures with a pinhole camera, sometimes you want to have a “long exposure.”  That means that you keep the shutter open for a long time so the picture is not dark.  Dad let me help with timing the pictures.  We had to wait for four minutes before we could pull the picture out of the camera.

This park had a bunch of geese.  We forgot to bring any bread to feed them, but they kept following us around anyway.  One of them hissed at me, which was very funny.    He tried to chase me, but I just laughed at him.

We got bored with our park pretty quick, because there is not much there to take pictures of, so we decided to go to Bricktown. There are lots of fun things to do in Bricktown, and it is much more interesting than our park.

Harkins Theater is there. That is where I got to see Where the Wild Things Are.  We did not get to go there, though, because we were too busy taking pictures.

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill is there, too. We did not get to go there, either, because we were too busy taking pictures.

We also have the national Sonic Headquarters right here in Oklahoma City!! Sonic is one of my favorite places! I love their tater tots! We did not get any tater tots, though, because we were too busy taking pictures.

There are lots of cool buffalo sculptures all over downtown Oklahoma City.   Each one is different, and they are fun to look at.  Dad took a picture of one of them with his pinhole camera.  There is a light spot on the picture.  That is from a “light leak.”   We think those are pretty cool, because it adds an interesting look to the pictures.  If it was knitting, Mom would call that a “design feature.”

Mom took a picture of me and Puglet with the buffalo, too.

Mom wanted Dad to get a “portrait” of me and Puglet.  That is a nice picture that you can keep and put in a frame.  It was kind of hard to find a good place for it, because it was very windy, and me and Puglet kept falling over, but we finally found a nice place with some rocks and stuff.  I felt like a celebrity with Mom and Dad both taking pictures of me.

Here is the portrait that Mom took with her camera:

And here is the portrait that Dad took with his Frankenstein Polaroid!  We like this one a lot!  The light leak makes us look all fadey and old.  It is very cool.

Me and Puglet spent the whole morning being photogenic.  We posed for lots of good pictures.

We found a whole nest of duck eggs, but there was no duck sitting on them.  I think they might have been abandoned, which is kind of sad.

There was a very nice waterfall that we got to see.  Mom says the next time she wants pictures taken of her in the sweaters and dresses she has made, this is where she wants to come.

We also got to see the Centennial Land Run Monument. I think a lot of people don’t read the signs, because we saw kids climbing all over the sculptures. We didn’t see anybody “destructing or defacing” them, though.

The Land Run Monument is very cool. There are a bunch of sculptures that show what it was like when the Oklahoma land run happened in 1889.

Dad took a picture of the monument with his Frankenstein Pinhole camera.  It turned out really cool!  He has posted some of his pictures on his Flickr page.

The best part of the day, though, was when I got to meet a celebrity!!  Me and Mom have traveled all over the country, and every where we go, people ask me, “Are you like Flat Stanley?”  I tell them, “No.  I am 3-D Noah.”  Everyone seems to know Flat Stanley.  He is famous.

While we were taking pictures at the monument, Mom saw some people standing over by one of the horses.  She said, “Hey!!  There’s Flat Stanley!!”  And sure enough, there he was!  Mom asked if I could have my picture made with him.  It turns out that he lives in Connecticut, where Dharma lives!  I’ll bet she will get a chance to meet him someday, too.

I can’t believe I got to meet Flat Stanley right here in Oklahoma City!!  What are the odds??

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Photogenic, long exposure, light leak, design feature, portrait.

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