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Today’s Fortune: One old friend is worth ten new ones.

Sometimes I think Confucious should change his name to “Confuse Us”, because that is sure what he did with this fortune.

A few days ago, my Dad brought home two new old friends that he found in an antique shop. Their names are Molly and Wally, and they are so much fun!

Wally is very skinny, and he has long arms and legs, and lots of fun red pompoms.

Molly is very cute!  She has a beautiful mouth and long eyelashes.  Her dress is made out of something called “dotted Swiss.”  Mom says she thinks they are from the 1950s, which would definitely qualify them to be geezers.  They look a lot better than some of the geezers that live here.  I think somebody took very good care of them.

When I got today’s fortune from Confucious, I started trying to figure out how many friends worth of friends I have in Molly and Wally.  They are new friends, which makes them worth one, but they are also old friends, which makes them worth ten.  Or maybe it’s the other way around…?

I even got out my big calculator so we could try to figure it out.  I asked Mom what she thought, but she was no help at all.  She said that they were worth $32.00 plus tax, which is what Dad paid for them.

I finally gave up.  I have decided that new or old, you cannot put a value on friends.  Friends are priceless.

I hope Molly and Wally will like it here as much as me and all the other monkeys do.  And I hope Confucious does not give us any more math problems, because they make us very confused.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Dotted Swiss

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