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Today’s Fortune: Prepare for an exciting trip soon to come your way.

Confucious didn’t have to try very hard with that fortune. He probably knows that we are leaving for Ashevegas in the morning.

I have not been able to blog for so long! Mom had the flu for several days, and she has been busy painting a cabinet for one of her clients, so she has not had time to be Adult Supervision. This is what the cabinet looked like before she painted it…

And this is what it looked like after she painted it. We think it looks much better with all that fun colorful paint on it!

So much has happened since the last time I got to blog that I don’t even know where to start. I will tell about a few special things, but Mom says I have to keep this short because I have to finish packing.

Mom has been in a lot of swaps with her Ravelry friends. She had a “Tiny World” swap with the Handmade Pincushion Group. The idea was to create a tiny world in a teacup, based on where the recipient’s favorite place in the world would be. Mom made a tiny Italy for my Auntie Frieda who lives in Texas.

And Auntie Frieda made Mom the most awesome Sock Monkey Land!! It has a funny little house and sock monkey pins! We love it a lot!

Our sock monkey dream date swap on Ravelry ended. This is the monkey me and Mom made for our swappy partner. Her name is Cupcake and she is very cute. She went to my Auntie Rhonda in Delaware.

And the sock monkey dream date we received was from my Auntie Lizz in California. His name is Fletcher and he is awesome!! He is hand knitted, and we think he’s about the best knitted monkey we have ever seen!

Fletcher is a great new friend! He brought all kinds of stuff for me and Mom – yarn, cards, stickers, tools, art supplies, candy and more. But my favorite thing he brought was a whole bunch of mustaches for us to share! Now I don’t have to worry about whether or not Mom will let me shave. I can just wear a cool mustache!

My other favorite thing he brought was the cat butt wallet. I wanted to keep it, but Mom said she was taking that one to keep her change in. It is very funny – on both sides!

I have to go for now… Me and Puglet are flying on the airplane with Mom first thing in the morning. We are going to Ashevegas like we did last summer to meet up with a whole bunch of my Aunties and all of their sock monkeys. It will be a sock monkey and knitting party for five days!!

Unfortunately, Fletcher does not get to go with me, because Mom says he takes up too much real estate. I will be sure to bring him back some souvenirs and I will blog all about our Asheville fun as soon as we get home!

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