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Today’s Fortune: The time is right to make new friends.

Confucious sure got that one right! I’ve never seen a better time to make new friends than at Camp Cavett! I got to meet so many new friends, it was hard to keep everyone’s name straight. I was glad they wore their name badges most of the time. Next year, I need to see if Mom will make me one of those in my size.

The art room was a very busy place the whole time we were at camp. There was a table in the back for dollar bill folding, called “origami,” a table for the birdhouse teams to work at, a table where Miss Pam did lots of cool beading with the kids, and the main tables where the campers worked on projects.

On our first day of camp, Mom had shadow boxes for our project in the art room.  A shadow box is a box that has stuff glued inside it, and it is a kind of art called “collage.”  Miss Jackie and Miss Donna looked through the magazines before the kids came in and found all kinds of good words and pictures to cut out, to get them started.

Shadow boxes are lots of fun, because you get to make a very big mess, and you get to use scissors and glue. We cut up lots of magazines, and everyone got to choose what they wanted in their shadow boxes.

I made lots of good friends in the art room!  One of my new best friends is Kathryn.  Her name is easy to remember because she spells it the same way Mom does.

Kathryn is an amazing artist!  She did an awesome sketch of me and Puglet, and it hardly took her any time at all.  I love my sketch.  Mom hung it up in her office so I can see it while I sit here at the computer and blog.  Mom says we will get a nice frame for it, so we can keep it forever.

All kinds of stuff went on in the art room on our first day.  The kids also did needle felting projects like the monkey pins that I made for all of my Aunties when we had our Sock Monkey Dream Date swap with the Tractor Girls.   We were happy to see everybody having fun with a new craft!

Miss Jackie was very good at needle felting!  Mom was very glad to have her there to show the kids how to do the felting, and to help out if they needed it.  Everyone liked needle felting so much we decided to keep it set up for all four days of camp.

All kinds of awesome things were made at the needle felting table.  Some kids made pins, some made magnets, and some of the girls made pretty things to wear for the dance.  My friend Evie made a heart that was really pretty, in lots of fun bright colors.

And look at this awesome needle felted hamster!!  I might have to make one of these, because Mom won’t let me have a real one.

One of our favorite shadow boxes was made by my friend Glen.  Glen is also a very talented artist.   His shadow box was really cool.  He made a shirt at the dollar bill origami table, and he used it inside his shadow box!  And the best part was, he used our theme of “The Buck Stops Here!”

I made a shadow box while I was at camp, too!  I found a sock monkey to cut out, and lots of other fun stuff that made me smile.

I gave it to my Dad as a present when we got home, which made him smile.  He is going to take it to work with him, and make other people smile, too.

You can get a lot of smileage out of one piece of art.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Origami, collage,

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