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Today’s Fortune: You will have a close encounter of a surprising kind.

Confucious must have National Alpaca Farm Days marked on his calendar! I did have a surprising close encounter, and a great Sunday adventure!

Mom made me new overalls to wear to the alpaca farm. I now have a real farm outfit, and don’t have to wear my baseball jacket when I’m supposed to be farming. She did a really good job sewing my shirt and overalls. Even Puglet got a new outfit. We were eager to get going and wound up waiting for Dad in the car.

We drove way out in the country. That is because they do not let alpacas live in town. I got to watch out the window while Dad drove.

We traveled a long way, and we finally saw signs for the farm! The farm we visited was Alpacas of Sun Valley. When we saw the signs, we knew we were in the right place.

I got to meet Justine. She and her husband own the alpaca farm. They have been raising alpacas for three years, and have thirteen of them now. She showed us all kinds of neat stuff that had been made out of alpaca fleece, including a nice rug and a lace shawl.

They had all kinds of good stuff for us to look at. There were yarns for sale, and they even had a fluffy alpaca that was just my size.

Puglet made a new friend, too. We were very impressed by all of the cool stuff that was made out of alpaca fleece.

After we checked out all the stuff on the porch, we headed over to the barn!

We got to go inside the barn! It was huge! They had big stacks of hay and a giant tractor.

And then we got to meet the alpacas!! There were all different colors. There were white ones, black ones, and brown ones. This brown one is called a “mahogany”. Her name is Acorn, and she is very cute and spunky. She was one of our favorites!

And I got to ride on Summit!! They even had a tiny saddle for Summit that was just my size!

The alpacas were all so friendly and nice, and they got right up close to us.

We love alpacas, because they are always smiling. They are the happiest animals ever!

We hung out at the farm for a long time. We even got to see the alpacas eat. They will eat right out of your hand.

I love Alpaca Farm Day. It is one of my very favorite days of the year. Me and Mom would sure love to move out to the country and get some alpacas so that every day could be Alpaca Farm Day.

Now we just have to convince Dad.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Mahogany

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