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Today’s Fortune: You will enjoy doing something different this weekend.

Confucious is right again! It’s not every weekend that I get to carve a pumpkin or get dressed up for Halloween! I got out all of my carving tools and my pumpkins, and set up in the kitchen to start my jack-o-lanterns.

I carved out the lids of both of the pumpkins, just like I did when I carved my sock monkey jack-o-lantern pumpkin last year.

These pumpkins were much thicker and much fresher than the ones we bought at the grocery store last year. Mom says there’s no telling how long it takes a pumpkin to get from the farm to the grocery store, but these were fresh from the farm. We will buy them from the farm every time from now on. One of the pumpkins was yellow on the inside, and the other one was orange.

I was much smarter this year when I carved my pumpkins, because I have experience now. I did not put the pumpkin guts down the garbage disposal so Did did not have to fix it. I also let Mom scoop out all of the pumpkin guts. Gut scooping is hard work, and this way, my arms did not get tired.

I did do all the carving, though, and I think they turned out great! The short orange one had a lot of scars on it. We thought that was great, because they make a scary pumpkin look even creepier. I really like the way he turned out.

The tall one has great big teeth and looks very silly.

I like them both a whole lot, and am very proud of the work I did!

We turned out the lights to watch them glow at night. They look pretty cool, but I think they look better in the daytime.

Mom did not get a chance to make us new costumes this year, but that was okay with me, because I love my costume. I will be wearing my vampire cape and my awesome sticky teeth!

Puglet is not as happy, though. He has to be a candy corn again.

Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!!

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