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Today’s Fortune: Keep up the good work. You will be rewarded.

I sure hope Confucious is right about that. I have been keeping up all of my good work, and I haven’t been rewarded much at all. In fact, Mom has been so busy that I haven’t even had a chance to blog for nearly a whole month.

A lot has been going on around here, and I have a lot to blog about, if Mom will just take her job as Adult Supervision seriously for a while. Last night, we went to Uncle Phil and Aunt Karon’s house for a Bedlam Party. I am pretty sure that “bedlam” means snacks, because when we got there, Aunt Karon had enough snacks to feed an army! There was a football game on, too. The football game had two teams from Oklahoma playing against each other.

The guys in orange and black were Oklahoma State University, and the guys in red and white were University of Oklahoma. We were all cheering for the OSU guys. Uncle Phil let me sit with him to watch football.

I was much more interested in the bedlam than I was in the football game. There was bedlam everywhere!! Uncle Phil made a big batch of Chex mix, and there was every kind of soda you could think of!

There was pizza, and cheese bread, and even some salad. I had seconds on everything!

For dessert, there was more bedlam! We had brownies with orange sprinkles, and Mom brought some caramel corn that we made yesterday. Aunt Karon had special signs for all of the bedlam.

Everything was decorated very pretty, and it was all in orange and black, which are the colors of the OSU Cowboys, who we love.  It is also the colors of Halloween, which I also love, and it made all of the bedlam look even better!  There were even special napkins that said “OSU” on them!  Aunt Karon decorates for a party better than anybody we know!

The OSU Cowboys did not win, which made Dad and Uncle Phil kind of cranky, but the bedlam sure was good.

I told Mom we should have a Bedlam Party every week.  She suggested that maybe I might not want to mention that to Dad right now.

I guess maybe he ate too much pizza.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Bedlam

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