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Today’s Fortune: Your heart will always make itself known through your words.

That is some good news from Confucious! I have been wondering how to make my heart known for a few weeks now.  I figured the best way to do it was a letter to Santa.

I have a great big platter of cookies ready for Santa. This year I am asking for something pretty important, so I want him to have an extra special treat when he gets here.

I also wrote him a letter. Here is what I wrote:

Dear Santa;

I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing good.  This year, I would like to have monsters! Lots of them. They are fun!! I got a wee monster from the Art-o-Mat when Mom and Dad took me to Dallas. I have not gotten to blog about him yet, but this is what he looks like:

I have gotten to do Art-o-Mat three times so far, but only got a wee monster once. Mom said one wee monster is all I need, but as you can see, this one is very lonely.

I am asking you to bring me a bunch of monsters so this one will have friends. I have figured out that you are the go-to guy for stuff that Moms do not think you need. And I have been a very nice monkey this year, so I am hopeful that you will bring me some monsters. I promise to take very good care of them.

Love, Noah

P.S. I will be leaving extra-special cookies and a big glass of eggnog for you this year. Please do not let the monsters have any. It makes them sick, and Mom gets cranky when she has to clean up monster vomit.

I really, really  hope Santa read that last part.

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