Today’s Fortune: Take a trip with a friend.

Confucious always gives good advice, so yesterday, I decided to take a trip with my friend Puglet to Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs. Mutt’s is a new restaurant that just opened yesterday here in Oklahoma City. It is owned by our friends Cally Johnson and Kathryn Mathis, who also own our favorite restaurant, Big Truck Tacos. We have been waiting and waiting, and we are so glad they are finally open!

I figured Mutt’s would be a great place to take Puglet, because he is a mutt himself.  Things were going great until Puglet saw the menu.  He got very worried when he saw that aside from some really tasty side orders, the menu mostly listed dogs, fixed all kinds of interesting and yummy ways.

I tried to explain to Puglet that these were not dogs like him, but it was too late.  Mom said she thought he had been “traumatized”.  I felt pretty bad for him, but I didn’t let that stop me from ordering.   I checked out the menu while Puglet rested.  The menu is fantastic!  They have everything from regular hot dogs to specialty hot dogs made out of stuff like lamb, bison, kobe beef and Spam!  They even have a breakfast link dog with scrambled eggs, which I plan to try next time I’m there. Here’s a link to their menu, if you want to see all the good stuff they serve at Mutt’s.

I went up to the counter to place my order, and they had some awesome salt and pepper shakers.  I was really glad that I left Puglet at the table though, because I think those might have traumatized him some more.

I ordered some fried pickles, chili-cheese fries, and a Long Island hot dog, which is a really long hot dog with spicy mustard and sauerkraut.  The food was even better than I had dreamed it would be!!

The food was absolutely delicious!!  The hot dog was super tasty, and the fried pickles and chili-cheese fries were the best I have ever had!  I could not eat my whole hot dog, so I had to get a to-go box for it.  When I got home, I was so full I could barely move.   I looked almost as traumatized as poor old Puglet.  Mom said she though I was suffering from a “hot-dog coma.”  If you have to have a coma, this is the best kind to have.

So, once again, it is time for one of my famous restaurant reviews!  Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs gets my highest rating – Five Twinkies!!! I am also awarding them eleven bonus Swedish fish for having such cool decor, fourteen bonus cheetos for the awesome hot dog shakers, and a whole bonus tub of buttercream frosting for putting up with Puglet and his drama!

I heart Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs!!!!  Even if Puglet doesn’t.  Good luck, my friends!!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Traumatized, hot dog coma

6 Responses to “I Heart Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs!!!”
  1. Big Monkey says:

    Hi Noah!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch with you lately. It’s good to see you having some more fun adventures! Hope you are doing well.

    Big Monkey

  2. Ollie says:

    Hi Noah! Those hot dogs look good! My mom was laughing at the bison one on the menu called, “Tatonka”. She likes the movie, Dances with Wolves, and my dad always says that word when he makes a steak . I wish I could have some hot dogs with you some time. I like the spicy ones! I hope Puglet has recovered from his trauma.
    You sure live in a cool place with such neat places to eat.

    And… you are getting quite a collection of rock star buttons!!


  3. Socks says:

    Hi guys – My name is Socks, and I’m just south of you down in Dallas/Fort Worth. I just came across your blog – very cute! Glad to know I’m not the only sock monkey out in the world who blogs! Check mine out Hope to talk to you soon! Socks xoxo

  4. augustmoon13 (formerly purpleturt) says:

    Oh, Noah! You visit the most interesting places!

  5. Patricia says:

    I’m in love with Puglet and Sock Monkey (not sure if his name is Noah)! This review not only made my mouth water, but I also got a great laugh ~ but not at the expense of Puglet and Sock Monkey’s hot-dog coma, which no one should have to endure. I hope they are doing well now and reviewing a whole lot more restaurants.
    Best regards,
    Patti, Tricia and Petie

  6. Noah,
    What a great place to eat, I’m a bit jealous, but maybe I can go there someday. I’m sorry Puglet was traumatized, but I must say I had to chuckle a little when you said you ordered anyway. You are a funny monkey. Boy, Mutts must be great if you gave it a rating of FIVE TWINKIES….wow….
    Have a great day Noah,

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