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Today’s Fortune: A simple kindness today will bring you great reward.

I sure hope Confucious is right about that, because I am being extra nice to Mom today. She has been wanting to blog about knitting ever since we got back from North Carolina, so I told her I would do it for her. That is mostly because when Mom blogs about knitting, it is really boring, and I don’t want people to go to sleep while they are reading my blog.

While we were in North Carolina, Mom knitted a baby dress for our grandbaby, Lexi. This is what it looked like when it was done.

She made it out of some really soft yarn called Fiesta Boomerang.   A fiesta is a party, and a boomerang is a thing that comes back to you when you throw it.  This yarn is really soft and pretty, but we did not have a party with it.  It is also not like a real boomerang.  If you throw it across the living room, it does not come back to you.  It just sits there.  I think the name is misleading, but it is good yarn.

Lexi looked very pretty in her dress.

Mom took lots of pictures so we would have good ones of my brother and his pretty little family.  This one is one of our favorites.

And here is a picture of Mom with Lexi in front of their Christmas tree.  Their tree is much bigger than ours.  I’ll bet it took a whole day to decorate it.

Lexi is a very cute baby.  She has lots of dark hair, and it gets really curly after her bath.  She also smells really good most of the time.  We love her a lot!!  Mom says she is the bees knees.

Mom said I should do a book review, as long as I am blogging about knitting.  The pattern for the dress is called “Brittany Jumper”, and it came from a book called Minnowknits Too: Uncommon Knits for Kids Big and Small.  I tried to read it, but it was written in code.  It has lots of nice pictures, though, and a whole bunch of really good outfits that Mom can make for our grandbabies.     Me and Mom give this book five pezzes for having such good patterns for us to make for Lexi and Lily.

Mom has more knitting blogging she wants me to do, but it will have to wait for another day, because we have lots to do today.  Today is Christmas Eve, and Uncle Phil and Aunt Karon are coming over tonight.  Me and Mom are going to make lots of good snacks, and I will blog about them later.

And Santa Claus comes tonight!!  Me and Dad are hoping he brings us a Man Room and Xbox 360.  I hope his sleigh is really huge, ’cause a Man Room takes up a lot of real estate.

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