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Today’s Fortune: Don’t lose sight of what you want.

I need to keep that in mind. I do wish Confucious would give me some advice on how to make what I want happen, though.

What I want is for Mom to hurry up and get me some clothes made. She needs to make some for Dharma, too, because Dharma has started borrowing mine! I don’t mind sharing, but she asked if she could wear my new bowling shirt while we played Farm, and she hasn’t offered to give it back yet. At least we got her a straw hat of her own, so she didn’t need to borrow mine.

Last Saturday, Mom said she was going to take us to JoAnn’s to get fabric. I was worried that JoAnn would not like us coming to her house and taking her fabric, but I figured out that JoAnn is a lot like Michael. She has a store, just like he does, and you go there and buy stuff instead of just “borrowing” it, the way Dharma did with my bowling shirt.

We picked out lots of good stuff.  Dharma got some ladybug fabric for a sundress, and some stuff called “satin” and “brocade”, which are soft to pat.  She wants mom to make her a thing called a “kimono”, which is sort of like a bathrobe.  We both picked out soft stuff called “flannel”, so we can have some pajamas.  Mine is blue with brown monkey faces, and Dharma’s is all covered with pink girly monkeys.

Mom also bought some denim to make us each a pair of jeans, and some white fabric so we can both have a Karate suit.  I am hoping that Dharma is not very good at Karate, because if she is, I will probably never get my bowling shirt back.

I hope Mom will hurry and get Dharma her own clothes before I wind up naked again.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Satin, brocade, kimono, flannel

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