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Today’s Fortune: You will soon be the center of attention.

Boy, I sure hope Confucious is right about that, because I have not been the center of attention for a while. It has been almost two weeks since I got to blog!! Mom has been too busy with other stuff to be Adult Supervision. I was going to blog yesterday, but I had to spend the afternoon hiding out from tornadoes.

I have had to entertain myself quite a bit, but I have been having a good time. I have done lots of cool stuff in the last couple of weeks. I went to Big Truck Tacos and got a shirt to send to my friend Indiana Banana, who lives in Ashevegas with my Auntie Jana. It is not a t-shirt yet, but it will be. Right now it is just a onesie, because they do not sell sock monkey shirts. We are pretty sure it can be chopped off and hemmed so Indie will look good when he wears it. We will find out when we go to visit him in June!

We have been doing a lot of the usual stuff that we always do. We went to Buchanan’s Flea Market a couple of weekends ago. I did not find any good pezzes for my collection, but Mom found some green dishes called “Jadeite” to send to my Auntie Cheryl in California, and she found some monkey salt and pepper shakers to live at our house.

We went to an estate sale last weekend. I did not find any good pezzes there, either, but Mom found a whole bunch of vintage wool and cotton yarn. She got it all for a dollar, which was a pretty good deal.

We had dinner with Uncle Phil and Aunt Karon last weekend, and while we were on our way to Hideaway Pizza in Edmond, we saw a really cool blue hippo! I got to stop and get my picture made with him.

Dad took a Polaroid picture of the hippo, too, but I did not get to be in that one.

Except for the tornadoes, it has been pretty nice here.  Mom’s irises that live in the pond are blooming, and we think they look really nice.  She has yellow ones that are all ruffly.

But my favorite ones are the purple ones.  These are the big ones.  The tiny Japanese irises will not bloom for another month.

Me and Mom have been busy making stuff, too.  Mom made a whole army of frogs to send to my Auntie Karen in California.  Auntie Karen loves frogs, so we got her lots of frog stuff, and some green yarn, too.

I also made some sock monkey pins for all of my Aunties who are participating in our Sock Monkey Dream Date Swap on Ravelry. These are needle felted, just like the witch we made in our needle felting class when we visited Auntie Kate in Boston last fall.

Mom says I did a really good job on the monkey pins. Needle felting is hard work. And dangerous, too. I stabbed my paw twice, but it was worth it, because they turned out pretty good. I made an extra one to send to my pal Big Monkey, who lives in Florida. I hope he got it!

We have some new friends at our house, too! My grandma found Otto on eBay. She said he was too cute to leave him there. We agree!

Our friend Marsha gave us a red and white striped monkey, and we have named her Candy. I think Otto has a secret crush on Candy. We are very glad to have them both living at our house!

Another reason I have not been able to blog for a few days is that Mom has been busy trying to find a new sewing machine. Hers died last Wednesday. It was old and tacky and not worth fixing. She decided that it was time to buy a new machine. I did not expect that to take her two whole days, though. She shopped all over Oklahoma City before finally deciding to buy something called a “Bernina.”

The Bernina is pretty cool, for a sewing machine. They really thought this one out when they were designing it. It has a nice soft cover for when you are not using it that will hold all of the cords and other stuff.

It has lots of different attachments and it looks pretty complicated. Everything is electronic, and Mom says the machine is much smarter than she is. It is a good thing they will be giving her classes to learn how to use it. Unfortunately, her first class is not until June 11, so she is going to try to teach herself some of it. I hope that doesn’t mean she will be too busy learning her machine to be Adult Supervision.

This machine does lots of stuff her old machine would not do. It even makes letters! Which means that Mom can make me a new bowling shirt with NOAH on the front of it!

Then Confucious will sure be right – I will be the center of attention!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Jadeite, Bernina

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