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Today’s Fortune: Good luck is a result of good planning.

I think Confucious is right about that. Today is Valentine’s Day, which I have been planning for a while now, and it turned out great!

We have been receiving Valentines all week! We got Valentines from our friends Pat, Barb, Lori, Dawn, Lulu, and Anna, and I got one from my Grandma and Grandpa, too! Some of them were handmade, and some of them had neat stuff in them. We loved them all!!

Mom has been working on “Ravelympics” stuff for a couple of days now. Ravelympics is like the Olympics, only for knitting.  Mom is participating in three events:  Aerial Unwind (where you take apart stuff to get the yarn back out of it); WIPs Dancing (where you finish stuff that has been needing to be done for a long time); and Downhill Dying (where you dye yarn to make it a different color.)

Mom has been busy tearing up sweaters, so she put Sister Mary Monkeypants in charge of Adult Supervision.  Me and Calvin Klein decided to make Valentines for our sweeties, so SMMP sat in my adirondack chair and supervised.  (I think the power has gone to her head, because she was kind of bossy, but we tolerated it, because we really wanted to make Valentines.)  We got out all of our supplies, and we were careful not to get glue stick or permanent ink on Mom’s rug.

Calvin Klein did a really good job on his Valentine.  It even rhymed.  On the front it says, “Be Mine, Praline”, and on the back it says “Love to you from Calvin Klein.”  She really liked it a lot!  She also liked the candy necklace and Valentine’s pins he gave her.

I got all kinds of good stuff for Dharma this year!  I had to top the Valentine I sent her last year, so I’ve been shopping for a while.  You cannot overestimate the value of good planning.  I got her some Valentine pins, which she put all over her sweater and hat, a fun pop-up monkey card that I found at Barnes & Noble, and a candy necklace.

She says she is never going to take the necklace off.  I hope she changes her mind about that, because I am afraid her neck will get awfully sticky.

I also got her a stuffed monkey.  She really loved this!  She gave it a big hug, and said she was going to name it “Schmoopie”.  I have figured out that girls are really big on stuffed animals.  This is important information to have, I think.

But the present she loved most of all was the big squishy card I made for her!  She liked it so much, she gave me a big squishy kiss!

Guy and SMMP got Valentine presents, too.  They both got pins, and Guy put his on his hat.  SMMP got a candy necklace for being so bossy helpful.

I had really good luck with my Valentines, and it was all because of my good planning.  Confucious is a smart guy.  I hope somebody sent him a nice Valentine.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Ravelympics

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