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Today’s Fortune: Take some time out for yourself.

Well, Confucious usually knows what he is talking about, but I have taken enough time out for myself, I think.  I have been too busy the last couple of weeks to blog at all!  I have been helping Mom make good stuff for her etsy shop.  She even turned a whole project over to me!  I will tell about it as soon as I finish it, but for now it is a secret.  It is good to have a chance to tell my friends what I have been up to, though.

A few weeks ago, we went to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.  It is in Norman, Oklahoma.  Cody and Minx and Sierra got to go with me and Puglet.  We all traveled inside one of Mom’s big knitting bags.  She took the knitting out so we could all fit.  The museum is very interesting.  It has lots of dinosaurs and Native American stuff.  The first part we went into was the “Hall of Ancient Life.”  That is where they keep all of the bones.

There was lots of cool stuff that told about how to keep scientific records.  One of the exhibits on record keeping had a bunch of dead fish in jars, which was pretty interesting.  You don’t get to see jars of dead fish every day.

There was a lot of neat stuff about “Ancient Aquatic Life.”  Ancient means old.  Aquatic means stuff that lives in the water like fish and plants.  Cody and Sierra checked out one of the boring displays of plants.

Puglet was much braver.  He found a display that had a sort of lobstery-squid thing in it.  He got right up close to check it out.

A big giant fish tried to bite my head off, but he missed because there was glass between me and him.

After we saw the aquatic stuff, we got to the really neat displays.  There were gobs of dinosaur bones.  They are all behind those fence things that museums always have, so you can’t touch them, but there are lots of cool hands-on things to do.  I asked Mom why there aren’t any dinosaurs at the zoo, and she said that they are “extinct.”  That means they are all dead.  Which made me kind of sad.

Dinosaurs mostly had great big bodies, and little tiny heads.  Which means that their brains must have been really small.  I bet that is why they all died.  They were not smart enough to figure out how to survive.

One of the dinosaurs was ginormous!!  He was so tall he went nearly to the roof of the second floor.  Mom says he is a “Brontosaurus.”  I’m pretty glad he is extinct, because he could cause a lot of damage with that tail.

One of the creepiest dinosaurs was a fish.  His skeleton was really long, and he had very scary teeth.  I didn’t pretend that he was biting my head, because I didn’t want to get that close to him.

Some of the dinosaurs were really small.  They look like they were a cross between a chicken and a lizard.  I’ll bet they tasted like chicken, which is why they are extinct.  The big dinosaurs probably ate them all.

One of the dinosaurs had a really huge head.  He was called a “Pentaceratops.”  I don’t know why those are extinct.  They look like they had plenty of room for brains, so they should have been smart enough to figure out how to escape being extinct.

They had a great big skeleton of a thing called a “Mammoth”.  Mammoths looked a lot like elephants, only they were shaggy and had long curly horns.  Those horns are called “tusks.”  Mammoths were really tall.

They even had a giant sculpture of a Mammoth.  I saw him from upstairs and he was huge!!

I went downstairs to get a picture of me with the Mammoth.  I pretended he was about to squish me.   I’m kind of  glad those are extinct, too.  I think they could squish pretty much anything they stepped on.

The museum also has a “Hall of Natural Wonders” and a “Hall of the People of Oklahoma.”  I will have to tell about them later.  I am tired from all this blogging, and need to take some time for myself, like Confucious says.

I sure hope I am never extinct.  But I don’t think that will happen.  I think I am probably much smarter than those dinosaurs.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Ancient, aquatic, extinct, Brontosaurus, Pentaceratops, Mammoth, tusks

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