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Today’s Fortune: Stay close to your inner self, you will benefit in many ways.

That is a very silly fortune from Confucious. I have to stay close to my inner self.  If I don’t, my stuffing will get scattered all over the place.

Yesterday was a great day.  It was the Big Truck Tacos First Anniversary Party!   Big Truck Tacos invited all of their Facebook fans to come have a big party with them to celebrate. They have over 9,600 fans now, so they had to limit it to the first 1,000 people to RSVP. We were very happy to be invited. We got there early so Dad could take some pictures. There were only a few people there, and they were helping get ready for the party. It was very strange to see the inside of Big Truck Tacos when it was not full of people.

Most of the party was outside in the parking lot, so me and Mom decided to wander around and see what all was going on. There was a man setting up a lot of equipment.  Mom said he was called a “DJ.”  That means he plays cool music.  His name is Brandon Hall, and he let me and Puglet watch him for a while.  He played really good music all afternoon and evening.

It was really hot outside.  Mom said it was 102 degrees.  I had to take off my pirate hat, because it was making my head all sweaty.  There was an awesome swimming pool, but Mom said I was not dressed for swimming.

There was also a really cool inflatable thing.  It was like a moon bounce with water.  You could jump on it and slide down it to the end and land in a pool of water.  I really wanted to try it, but then Mom reminded me how much I hate baths.

There was so much to see and do.  They had a cool table set up with all of their shirts and stuff, and there was a whole big bucket full of BTT Frisbees.  Dad got me a lime green one a couple of weeks ago, so Mom said I did not need another one.

They had some new shirts, too.  These were special ones just for the party.  They did not have one in my size, though, so I had to skip getting one.

There was a booth for tie dying t-shirts, too!  The shirts were like the special party ones, only they were white with black, and then you could squeeze different colors of dye onto them.  I watched a couple of them being made and it looked like a lot of fun!

Mom decided to get one to dye for herself, but she said I could not tie-dye a t-shirt, because if I got the dye on me it would not come out, even with a hundred Woolite baths.  It’s just like when she dyes her yarn at home.  I don’t get to have any fun then, either.

That was okay, though, because right after the tie-dying, we found the balloon man!  I wanted a bunny-ear hat, but it was too big for my head, so it wound up being a neck-tie.  I even got to have my picture taken with the balloon man!

He made one for Mom, too.  Dad took a picture of both of us with our cool balloons.

There was an awesome cart full of popsicles and ice cream!  Me and Mom got a lemon-lime one, and it was really good, especially since it was so hot.

They had some very cool big pinatas, too.  There was one shaped like a giant taco…

And another one with pointy things and streamers poking out of it.  And both of the taco trucks were serving tacos!  This was our first time to get a taco from the truck, so I was really excited!

The picnic tables we sometimes sit at were marked off with signs that said “Reserved for Eating Contests.”  I wanted to enter the eating contests, but Mom said that would probably involve a Woolite bath, too.

It was easy to get thirsty and tired in the hot weather.  I was glad to see that they had a big table with two giant jugs of water.  I had to rest before the party even started.

The eating contest festivities began with the Jalapeno Eating Contest.  There were two tables full of people who entered this one.  The contest was to see who could eat the most roasted jalapenos in three minutes.  I was glad I didn’t enter this one.  I don’t think I could eat three jalapenos in three minutes.  I would have been embarrassed going up against these guys.

I got to have my picture taken with the winner!  His name is Chris Thomas, and he ate twenty-seven jalapenos in three minutes!  Congratulations, Chris!  (I hope he feels okay today.)

There was a break between the eating contests, so me and Mom wandered around some more.  I went over to the swimming pool, and made a new friend!  His name is Mojo, and he really liked the swimming pool.  He even went down the slide.  Next year, I’m wearing my swim trunks.  As long as there’s no Woolite in the pool, I think I’ll be fine with swimming.

The next eating contest was The Big Johnson.  That is where you have to eat a giant burrito.  It weighs two pounds, and the contest rules are that you have to eat the whole thing!  Whoever finishes first wins.

There were five guys who entered this one.  They ate….

And they ate….

And they ate.

As the contest wore on, they started looking pretty tired.  And full.

And the winner?  Was Jon-Michael, who ate the whole Big Johnson in ten minutes!  Jon-Michael deserves a huge round of applause for surviving this challenge!  And for not getting sick.

Cally and Kathryn posed for a picture with Jon-Michael, too.   I’m pretty sure he probably won’t need to eat for a couple of days.

We had not eaten tacos yet, when we saw fantastic trays of cupcakes from Sweete Memories bakery! Me and Mom had a strawberry one, and it was delicious! Mom almost never lets me have dessert before dinner, so yay for Sweete Memories!

We were walking around in the parking lot, finishing our cupcake when we saw Kathryn with a really cool bike!

Me and Puglet got to ride on it!  Cally took a picture with us on the bike.

On top of all the wonderful free food, drinks and desserts, our great friends at Big Truck Tacos had drawings for amazing prizes!  It turns out that the awesome bike was one of the prizes, and it was from Schlegel Bicycles, where they have all kinds of cool bikes!  Cally and Kathryn drew the ticket out for the bike… I was really hoping I would win it, but Mom told me she forgot to get us tickets.

Even though I didn’t win, I got to get my picture taken with the winner.   His name is William, and he will be riding in style!

Then there was a drawing for an iPad.  Dad has been wanting one of those.  I hated to break the news to him that Mom forgot to get us tickets.

Cally’s Mom helped with the ticket drawing for the iPad.

The winner was Linda Short!  She was very excited to win the iPad, and I was glad to get my picture taken with her, too!

After the drawings, we decided to get tacos from both of the trucks, because each truck had different tacos.  That was lots of fun, too, because I got to say “Hi” to John at the first truck….

And I got kisses from Cassie and Kelly at the second truck.  That was even better than tacos!

Last January, I wrote a Restaurant Review of Big Truck Tacos. I think I am going to have to revise my review. They have set a new record to beat, and I am awarding them the highest rating ever…. Ten Twinkies!!!!! That’s five for the fabulous food, and five for the awesome party. Plus seven bonus cheetos for tie-dying, eating contests, and water games for people and pets.

And a bonus high-five and a whole bonus pan of Rice Krispy treats for Cally and Kathryn!!

We love you, Big Truck Tacos!!!!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: DJ

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