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Today’s Fortune: You shouldn’t overspend at the moment. Frugality is important.

Confucious is confusing me. My last fortune said that an unexpected payment is coming my way, which was very exciting, but now I am not supposed to overspend. I am not sure what a “frugality” is, but it must be expensive if I have to save all of my quarters to get one. I will check into it, though, because if Confucious says it is important, it probably is.

Speaking of important… a big box arrived at my house a couple of days ago, and it was addressed to me!! It was from my pal Big Monkey, who lives in Florida. I ran into the kitchen to get a knife to open it, but Mom said I had to wait until Dad got home, so he could see me open it, too. I waited, and waited, and waited…

Dad finally got home and I got the box opened! Inside were two presents all wrapped up in awesome paper, along with a card.

I opened the small present first. Inside the box was a fantastic sock monkey ornament! Mom says it is too good to only use at Christmas, so we will keep it out all year, just like the nesting kitties!! The card from Big Monkey was awesome, too. There was also a monkey Klik candy dispenser for my Pez collection! Klik is just like Pez, only the candy is round and tastes better.

I was just about to open my big squishy present, when Dad stopped me, and made me sit very still. He wanted to hold that sock monkey ornament up so Mom could get a picture pretending it was my head. I am glad he did, because it was very silly. I suggested that we use the picture for our Christmas card next year, but Mom said she didn’t think so. That’s okay. I have a whole year to work on her.

I finally got to open my big squishy present, and it was about the best present I have ever seen!!  It was a John Deere Tractor that was just my size!!  And even better, it makes tractor noises when you mash on the hood!!

I drove my tractor around for a while, and then figured out that it makes the best TV chair ever!!  I got to watch Pawn Stars in squishy tractor comfort!

My tractor is way more comfortable than Dad’s recliner.  I suggested to Mom that we get one in Dad’s size, but she said that he seems to enjoy the chair he’s got.  I think she just doesn’t want a great big squishy green tractor in the living room.

Thanks for the big box of awesome stuff, Big Monkey!!  You are the best friend ever!!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Frugality

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