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Today’s Fortune: A small stranger will make your life more interesting.

Confucious is very wise. He even knows about the small stranger at our house!

Today was kind of a sad day at my house. Today was the day that all of our visiting monkeys had to travel. We decided to have a going away party. Mom made us a whole stack of blueberry muffins, which were very tasty, but I was not in much of a party mood.

After our snack, it was time to help everybody pack. Guy was pretty cool about the whole thing. He tossed his trophy and his Easter goodies into his box and waited for Mom to tape it shut. He is headed home to Tennessee. I think he’s ready to get back home, because he has been traveling for several months. His passport is all filled out, and he’s going home with tons of souvenirs from everywhere he’s been. Mom never did get around to making him any pants, but he said he didn’t think those would have been much of a souvenir anyway.

Sister Mary Monkeypants is not headed home yet. She is going to California with Praline for awhile. She was pretty impatient about getting going. Praline was trying to say goodbye to Calvin Klein, and all SMMP could do was huff about hurrying up so she could go meet Brad Pitt and work on her tan.

And then it was time to pack Dharma up to return home to Auntie Brenda and Uncle Don in Connecticut. Dharma is very sad to be leaving me, but she is looking forward to being home.   She has missed her Mum and Dad a lot.

It took a while to get her packed, because she has accumulated a bunch of stuff while she was here. She has birthday party favors, Valentines, presents from the Easter Bunny, and souvenirs from the zoo.

It was hard to let her go, but it was not nearly as sad as the first time I had to say goodbye to her. I know I will get to see her again, because even if we don’t see each other in Ashevegas or Boston this year, Auntie Brenda will let her come visit from time to time. Plus, I have a lot to blog about from stuff we’ve done over the past weeks, so it will still seem sort of like she is here.

I tucked her and Walter into her Meditation Room with her sock monkey blankie, and gave her a kiss goodbye. I have decided to let her keep my bowling shirt so she will be reminded of me every time she wears it.

When we got back from taking everybody to the Post Office, I was glad to have the package that my Auntie Jana sent us. It arrived on Saturday. She sent all kinds of good stuff. She sent a knitting pattern book of fun clothes and stuffed animals for our grandbabies, and some fun fliers about all the cool stuff happening in Ashevegas. We will be going out there in June. We can’t wait to see Auntie Jana again!

She also sent me a magnetic notepad that says, “I Need a Pug!” We like this a lot!! She sent cool handmade mushroom buttons and some awesome tool buttons. I told Mom I did not want her to sew those on anything. They are just my size, and I have been needing some tools. She sent Mom a cute little knitting sheep, and I finally got my Ravelympics pin!!

She also sent me another awesome book in both English and Spanish!!  Auntie Jana sends the best books!  The first one she sent was called “Monkey and Me (Mono y Yo).”  It was a very fun book.  This one is called “1 Zany Zoo (1 Zoo Loco).”  It looks very good.  I will review it, once I have had a chance to read it.  It is fun to read a great book and improve my knowledge of Español.   I am going to be “bilingual” if I keep getting these awesome books.  That means I will be able to speak two languages and make even more friends!

But the best thing of all that she sent was my very own Batman!!  He must be the small stranger Confucious was talking about in my fortune.  He has certainly made my life more interesting.   He spent the afternoon saving the universe from the Evil Dinosaur Finger Puppet.  And he helped take my mind off being sad about Dharma and all of my other friends having to leave us.

Thank you, Auntie Jana, for sending me such an awesome package of goodies!

Be safe, all my monkey friends!!  And call me when you get where you are going!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Bilingual

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