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Today’s Fortune: You will make many changes before settling satisfactorily.

I guess Confucious must know that I’m trying to decide what mine and Puglet’s Christmas cards should have on them this year. It is almost time to be sending those out. I have a lot of ideas, but they are all good, so it is hard to make up my mind. It’s good to know that it will be settled satisfactorily, though.

I am glad Mom is letting me blog today, so I can finish telling about the Boston trip! She has to work the rest of this week, which probably means I won’t get to blog. When she comes home from painting fancy walls, she is usually not very much fun, so I am taking advantage of my opportunity today!

The last fun place we went to on our trip was Salem, Massachusetts. It was the funnest place of all! I took about a million pictures there, and we still didn’t get to see everything. Mom says we need to go back when we can spend a whole week in Salem instead of just one day. There is that much to do there.

We got to ride on a bus thing called a “trolley”. It gave us a good tour of Salem without us having to walk everywhere.

We were very excited, because we had never ridden a trolley.  We dressed in our ninja pirate outfits for the day.  Mom said pirate suits would be very appropriate for Salem, and that we would blend right in.

We passed a graveyard.  It was called the “Burying Point.”  It is the oldest graveyard in Salem, and dates back to 1637.  That was a very long time ago.

They had a Witch Museum there.  We did not get to go in it, but we took a picture of it as we passed.  Salem apparently was famous for some witch trials that took place a long time ago.  The history of the city is very interesting, and some of it is not very nice, but we think we would like to learn more about it.

They had lots of outdoor tents set up with cool stuff to buy and do.  There was one that did facepainting and stuff.  Mom would not let me get my face painted.  I did not get custom designer fangs in Salem, either.  Which is just as well, because the sticky ones we made here at home were just as good, and didn’t cost us a bunch of money.

We passed Dracula’s Castle, but the trolley just kept moving, so I didn’t get to get out and go in.  I would have been interested to see that, because I thought Dracula’s Castle was in Transylvania.

I saw a very tall witch standing in the middle of the street.  She looked like she was made out of rusted metal.  We decided to go get a closer look at her.

She had a big pot called a “cauldron” down at her feet.  She stood very, very still.  I did not know that she was alive until somebody put some money in that pot, and then she winked or waved, or blew them a kiss.  She was scary but also fun!

We found a really good gift store that had all kinds of good stuff!  I made some new friends while I was there.

I got to meet a very funny witch, who was all dressed up in fancy clothes and makeup.  She wasn’t scary at all.  She was more like a grandma, really.

I also got to meet the Devil, which was not nearly as intimidating as you might think.  He’s not nearly as tall as I had imagined he would be.

I really wanted to get the Angry Mob play set, but Mom said we already had a mob at home.  Which we do, but they are not angry, so they’re not nearly as interesting.

When we were through with our trolley ride, I waved goodbye to the trolley driver, and took a picture of the the trolley from the sidewalk.  It was very cool looking.  Most everything in Salem looked like it was a Halloween decoration.

Our trolley driver told us that on October 31, there would be 100,000 fruitcakes in the streets of Salem for Halloween.  I wish we had been able to be there for that.  All we had was candy.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Trolley, cauldron

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