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Today’s Fortune: Grand adventures await those who are willing to turn the corner.

Confucious was only partly right about that one. We did have grand adventures today, but we didn’t even have to turn a corner to have them!  I have had so many adventures in the last week I haven’t had a chance to blog!  We went to the zoo, and to the Paseo Art Walk, and got to see the lighting of the Tower Theater, which was really cool.  I will have to blog about those adventures later this week, though, because today is a special day!

Today was the day that the Easter Bunny came to our house! Mom gave me and Dharma Easter baskets so we could go outside and see what he brought us. Me and Dharma were happy to not have to wear our sweaters. Dharma did not bring any warm weather clothes and Mom did not have time to sew her an Easter dress, so she borrowed my bowling shirt.

Of course, everybody wanted in on the fun, so we all gathered outside to go on our Easter hunt. I asked Mom if we had more baskets, and she said we could all share, which was fine with us. She did tell us that we did not need to look where she had just planted grass, because she was pretty sure that the Easter Bunny was nice enough not to trample on her seeded lawn.

It was a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt, but the wind was blowing a little harder than we thought, and it blew me and my Easter basket off into the dirt. I was okay, though, aside from feeling a little embarrassed.

It did not diminish my Easter fun in the least.

We decided to team up for our Easter searches. Rufus, Puglet, Flipper and Walter found a bunch of fun eggs in one of Mom’s plants under the big tree in our back yard.  Puglet was so happy to take off his wool scarf.  We have had a long, cold winter, and we are glad spring is finally here!  I do miss my scarf, though, because it was a good way to wear all my important buttons and pins.

Sister Mary Monkeypants and Guy found more fun eggs in another plant. The Easter Bunny sure made things easy to find this year. The animal face eggs are full of candy, and the colored eggs have toys in them!  That Easter Bunny did so good this year!

Praline and Calvin Klein found more eggs in one of the spiky plants that Mom planted yesterday.  Praline did not take off her scarf for the warm weather.  She says it is a “fashion statement.”  Sister Mary Monkeypants says Praline is a “diva.”

Me and Dharma headed straight for the back corner of the yard.  I had kind of an advantage, because I remembered from last year that the Easter Bunny always hides the best stuff around the pond.  Dharma found a whole bunch of good eggs for us!!  Two of them even had dinosaurs!!

I looked inside the silly frog on the edge of the pond, and found an awesome package of  twisty balloons with an air pump to blow them up!!  We will have tons of fun with those very soon!

Then we looked inside the silly fish that lives on the other side of the pond.  Guess what?  The Easter Bunny brought us Pezzes!!  Dharma got a pink bunny, and I got a yellow duck, which is one I don’t already have in my collection!

And over on the other side of the pond, we found two boxes of Nerds, which we love, and a bunny for Dharma and a yellow chicken for me!  They are lots of fun!  When you wind them up, they hop.  We are planning to have races later tonight to see which one wins.

By the time we all gathered up our Easter stuff, there was way too much for those Easter baskets.  We had to use my shopping cart to hold it all!

We all had a great time, and got lots of stuff!  Thanks, Easter Bunny!!

And happy Easter to everyone!  Especially Confucious, for giving me such awesome fortunes in my cookies.  I hope the Easter Bunny brought him some twisty balloons.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Fashion statement, diva.

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