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Today’s Fortune: You will experience a fortuitous turn of events.

I had to ask Mom what that meant.  When she told me, I figured out that Confucious was right again!  Yesterday, we got something called a “blizzard.”  A blizzard is when it snows and snows, and then snows some more.  I wanted to go outside and make a snow fort, but Mom said I would have to wait until it quit blizzarding.  I have never seen snow before, so I am very excited to get to play in it.  Mom says that a white Christmas in Oklahoma almost never happens.  She says the last one she remembers was when she was about six years old, and she has been 35 for a long time, so that was many years ago.   It is a very fortuitous turn of events that my first Christmas was a white one!

Even though I didn’t get to play in the blizzard, it was pretty cool to watch it happen from our front porch.

I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited about Christmas, but Mom said if I did not put on my pajamas and go to bed, Santa would not come. She said Santa does “covert operations.” That means he is really quiet, and sneaks the presents in while you are asleep.

I put on my monkey pajamas, but I still was not tired.  Mom said we should leave Santa some cookies and milk, because he likes those a lot, and doing Santa stuff probably makes him pretty hungry.  We poured him a nice glass of milk, and set out some Golden Oreo Double Stuffs, which are my favorite.

I was going to try to stay awake and sneak a peek at Santa, but I fell asleep.  When I woke up this morning, there were presents under my Christmas tree!!

There were five of them, and they were all for me and Puglet!  Santa had also filled my stocking with goodies!  I got three good candy bars, and two Christmas pencils.  I’m not sure how he even got them all in there.

I opened the two little presents first.  They were little Christmas puzzles.  They have different stuff on both sides, so it was like getting four whole puzzles!

Then, I opened the small stripey one.  It was a thing called a “snowglobe.”  It has Santa and a Christmas tree in it, and when you shake it, it snows on Santa.  I’ll bet the real Santa got blizzarded on when he came to my house last night.

Next, I opened the big stripey package.  The box said it was something called a “modem”.  Mom said I should probably look inside, because sometimes Santa reuses boxes.  I was glad to hear that.  That is environmentally friendly and a good thing for Santa to do.  Plus, I did not want a modem.

This box had two presents in it!!  There was a Buzz Lightyear pez for my collection, and a whole bunch of magnetic letters!

I was glad Mom told me about Santa’s recycling efforts, because the next box had a picture of a hairdryer on it, which is another thing I did not want.  But this box had an awesome present inside!  It was a giant zipper bag shaped like a banana!  Mom says it is a game called Bananagrams.  I really like it!

I got to spend the whole morning playing with my new toys!!  The first thing I did was work one of my puzzles.  This one has Snoopy on it.  I was glad I had the box with both of the pictures on it, because having a two-sided puzzle is very challenging.

I stuck my magnetic letters on the fridge with my magnetic personality.  I did not have enough “G”s to spell iggitts.  I also did not have a “!” , so I had to use an “I” and an “O”.  I was able to spell some pretty good stuff, though, and still had letters left over.

My Bananagrams are the best!!   They are like the Scrabble tiles Auntie Karen sent me, except they do not have any numbers on them.   I can spell iggitts all I want!  Mom says that you play the game like working a crossword puzzle, and you make words off of other words.  I spelled lots of good things with them.

And I spelled a special message for my darling Dharma!  I hope she is having a merry Christmas at her house.  I hope she got some Bananagrams from Santa, too.

Dad says I should use my magnetic letters and my Bananagrams to pretend I am blogging on days that Mom does not have time to be Adult Supervision while I am on the computer.

I wonder if I have enough letters to spell, “Help!  Mom is too busy to let me blog!”?

Me and Dad did not get a Man Room or Xbox 360, but I added those to my list pretty late, so I don’t think the elves had time to make them.  I will get my list in early for next year.  I’m sure Santa is tired and needs to rest, so I will mail it in January.  That way, I won’t be bothering him.  I want to stay on the “Nice Monkey” list.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Blizzard, covert operations, snowglobe, modem

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