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Today’s Fortune: Your greatest fortune is the large number of friends you have.

Yay!! Confucious must be back on the job! That is a great fortune, and he is absolutely right! I have friends all over the world, and a lot of them were able to be here to help me celebrate my birthday! I am one lucky monkey!

Mom said since it was my birthday, I could choose whatever I wanted to do, so I decided to have cupcakes for breakfast! Mom let me pick out my favorite one, and she put a candle in it for me to make a wish and blow out.

We all got to have cupcakes for breakfast. I had so many friends at my party! Rufus, Calvin Klein and Praline were there….

And so were Sister Mary Monkeypants and Guy.

Puglet and Walter shared a cupcake. Mom had to make a teeny hat for Walter, because the regular hats were too big for him.

Me and Dharma got to sit together, but we did not share a cupcake, because we both wanted our own.

After we had cake we went over to the fridge to play games.  Mom had made a nice message on the fridge for me, and had moved my magnetic personality down to the bottom of the fridge so we could play stick-the-tail-on-the-monkey.

It turns out that I am not very good at this game.  I stuck his tail right in the middle of his body.   That is because I had to wear a mask thing called a “blindfold.”  I would have done much better if I could have seen what I was doing.

We all got to have a turn, but Dharma was the best!  She put that tail right where it belonged.  She is either very good or very lucky.  She got to keep the blindfold as a prize for winning the game.

After our game it was time to open presents!!  We all gathered around on the dining table, and Mom put all my presents on the table for me.

First, I opened my cards.  There was a funny one with a dog on it from Dharma, and one from Auntie Pam that came with some really good stickers!

I decided to open the big squishy Hot Wheels package first.  It was from Dharma’s dad.  He knitted me my very own penguin!!  Dharma’s mom and dad both knit.  Mom is very glad that Dad does not knit, because she does not want to share her yarn with him.

I really love my new penquin.  He can hang out with me and Puglet!

The little squishy Hot Wheels package was from Dharma.  It was a knitted heart!  I will use it for a pillow when I sleep at night, and even when she has to go back to Connecticut, I can think of her while I am asleep.

The big blue sack was from Mom and Dad.  It had a really cool toy in it!  It is called “Shapescapes”, and it is full of plastic shapes to make stuff out of.  We will have lots of fun with this!!

After the presents were opened, we all gathered around for a group picture, and Mom handed out party favors!  We each got a noisemaker that curls out when you blow on it, and we also got plastic dinosaurs!  (I got the idea from when PhotoJojo sent me my Rawwwwwr!  I figured everybody would like to have one of those.)

Here is a good picture of all the dinosaurs.  There were lots of different ones, and everybody got to choose some to keep.  All of my friends said that my party was the best one they had ever been to!

After my party was over, we all played with my new toys.  We were busy building shapes when the doorbell rang.  It was the postman!  He had a package from my Auntie Margaret in California.  We opened it up, and there was a whole bunch of yarn for Mom, which Mom got way more excited about than I did.  But there was also a whole great big box of John Deere Tractor snacks for me!

And she sent the most awesome buttons ever!!  Mom has promised she will use them to make me something special.  I am thinking a coat with tractor buttons would be mighty handy with the winter we are having.

This is the first time I ever had a birthday party, but I think it probably is the best one in history.  We will have to wait and see, though.  My next one might be even better.

When I blew out my candle, I should have wished to have another birthday next month.

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Blindfold

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