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Today’s Fortune: You will soon find more adventure in life.

Boy! Confucious sure knows what he’s talking about! I found more adventure in five days at Camp Cavett than I usually find in a whole year!

We arrived at camp last Tuesday evening.  Me and Mom came in the day before camp started.  Mom was in charge of the Art Room, and she and a bunch of other grownups came in to get stuff ready for the campers to arrive.   We got to see a slide presentation about what we would be learning at Camp Cavett.  It was kind of a sneak preview of all of the challenges the campers would get for the week.

It was mostly grownups there on Tuesday night.  I found out that the grownups are called “counselors.”  They are there to be Adult Supervision.  After the slide presentation, they all got to pick out t-shirts to wear.  There were special days for each shirt to be worn.  Mom did not know we were going to get shirts.  She will pack differently next year, because she didn’t bring enough of the right kinds of shorts, and she brought way too many things that never got worn.  It was okay, though.  She is pretty adaptable when she has to be.

We carried lots of stuff in to the art room, and it took a bunch of trips to get it in.    Then we set up the art room.  The first challenge was “The buck stops here.”  We wrote that on the blackboard, and put up lots of big dollar bills for decoration.

There was a big tower of birdhouse kits for a team contest set up on one of the back tables.  Me and Puglet decided to check them out.   They were very cool, and I was hoping to get to put one of them together, but Mom said me and Puglet were not enough for a team.

I was getting pretty tired from all of the art room stuff, and I nearly fell asleep in a big bucket of foam pieces Mom had brought in for needle felting projects.  I was really glad when it was time to go to the motel room and go to bed.

The next morning, the campers arrived on big tour buses!   It was pretty cool to watch them all getting off the bus and finding their cabin groups.

Since this was our first time at camp, we did not know anybody, so we took lots of pictures of the campers reuniting with old friends and locating their groups.

I was amazed at how many kids there were!  They all found their groups pretty quickly, and the buses were empty.

Look at all the luggage!

After everyone got off the buses and got settled, we all gathered for a giant group photo.  I did not get a picture of that, because I was in it.

I will have to tell more about camp tomorrow.  Mom says I have to go eat dinner.  She has promised to let me blog every day about Camp Cavett until I am done telling about it, though.  We did so much there, it might take weeks!

Today’s Vocabulary Words: Counselor

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